Avian and Exotic Animal Care

No matter whether your special friend has fur, feathers or scales, we treat them all!  Exotic pets are becoming very popular pets, but require special knowledge of their individual husbandry needs.  We recommend regular veterinary visits for your exotic pets to ensure their health and comfort.  We can discuss any husbandry, health or behavior concerns that you may have.

Our exotic animal care is provided by Dr. Mackenzie Vermey.  She has had experience with exotic companion animals for 20+ years!  She has a wealth of experience handling and working with many different species including birds, reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and more.  During her clinical year of veterinary school, her emphasis was on exotic animal medicine and spent 2 months at the Milwaukee County Zoo and performed surgery on tortoises, dental work on chinchillas, wound care on different avian and reptilian species and vaccinated the lion cubs!