KimWalkerOur talented groomer is here to help you get your pup ready for their close up! The stylish and professional grooming your family friend will receive here will have them looking their finest. Not only will they be beautiful to look at, they will smell fantastic and feel so refreshed! Like a day at the spa! Our groomer, Kim, will take the very best care of them and treats each dog with individual care and makes sure that they are comfortable and treated with loving care.

We use only the highest quality, hypoallergenic products for your pet. Our grooming salon is fully stocked with the best grooming equipment and is impeccably maintained to ensure the best care and results for your pet.

We offer everything from nail trimming to breed specific cuts to puppy cuts. The rates for grooming services do vary by your pet’s breed, condition of the coat and the specific type of cut requested. Please call us or stop in to make an appointment. Kim will discuss with you the care your pet will receive to ensure they will look fantastic!