Internal Medicine

FullSizeRender (26)We believe that it is important to practice preventive medicine and try to identify health issues before your pet is ill. However, as illness may occur at any time, our veterinary team is highly skilled to diagnose and treat disease when it develops.

When your pet is sick, we first take a careful and complete history from you to get a good understanding of your pet’s symptoms. This will include your pet’s diet, their lifestyle, any travel history, medications and any other questions or concerns you may have. Next we perform a very thorough physical examination while you are present, the doctor will communicate throughout this procedure to keep you involved in your pets healthcare. With your consent the doctor may then use diagnostic tools to gain more information about your pet that we are unable to obtain by the physical examination alone. We have many of these diagnostic tools here at our hospital and can often get the answers we need while you wait.

FullSizeRender (25)These sophisticated diagnostics include digital radiology, ultrasound, microscopy, and in house laboratory testing of blood and urine which may be utilized to reach an accurate diagnosis for your pet so we can best manage and treat them.We encourage owner’s to be actively involved in their pet’s health and well being and as such are here to educate you on the diagnosis and what treatment options are available. Together, we will work to treat your pet and develop a personal plan for treatment. We will work to ensure your questions are answered and that the follow up visits are scheduled accordingly. Your pet’s health and well being is our top priority.