Diagnostic Imaging

As an aid in evaluation of medical and dental cases, we utilize advanced equipment that will detect problems that are not evident on physical examination alone. These windows into the body help speed our diagnosis and put your pet on the road to recovery.

Digital Radiography– x-ray imaging is a fast and efficient imaging modality that is important in detecting lung disease, cancer, orthopedic disorders, and gastrointestinal blockages or foreign material.

Ultrasonography– the use of sound waves will allow us to see the internal structure of organs as well as evaluate heart function. Our ultrasound services are provided by Dr. Jennifer Cortright, who is Certified in Small Animal Ultrasound through a two year course at the University of Illinois.

Digital Dental Radiography– Our patients can not tell us when a specific tooth hurts and most will continue to eat despite the pain. Most dogs and cats over three years of age are affected by oral disease and it is common to find a tooth that looks normal above the gum-line, yet an x-ray will show infected tooth roots. All our oral health evaluations include full mouth radiographs, so we won’t miss a single bad tooth.