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CET ProductsCET Toothpaste

“When I was told I should brush my dogs teeth I thought it would be impossible. I was advised to use CET Enzymatic Toothpaste for pets and so I purchased a tube of the poultry flavor. To my amazement Shaggy loved the flavor of the toothpaste and licked it right off of the toothbrush. Now that Shaggy knows he will be getting that tasty toothpaste when it comes time to brush his teeth he comes right to me when I get his toothbrush out!”




Pill PocketsGreenies Pill Pockets
“When it comes to giving my dog his daily medication I have found that Greenies Pill Pockets are like the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down. They are so easy to use because all I have to do is pop his pill in the pocket, pinch the one side closed and toss it to him. He thinks he is getting a treat and it is so much easier to just grab a Pill Pocket instead of cutting up cheese. He loves both the chicken and the beef flavor and they are healthier than using cheese or peanut butter every day.”


KongKong Toys
“Kong toys are an awesome way I keep my dog physically active and mentally entertained. Kong toys can be stuffed in many of ways with a variety of treats that my dog has to work at, sometimes for hours. If I know I am going to have to leave him for an extended time I will stuff his Kong with some canned food and freeze it ahead of time so that it keeps him occupied while I am away.”